Hotel complex with indoor pools | Vedmezha Gora


Year-round vacation in the Carpathians with a pool

Holidays in the Carpathians with a pool – what could be better? The hotel has a heated swimming pool all year round. The children’s pool with a slide works in the warm period. There are locker rooms, showers and towels. For sunbathing, we have prepared a separate terrace with sun loungers.

Depth of the main pool: 1,5 m

Temperature: 27 °C

Area: 30 sq. m

Recreation with children: mini-pool for kids

Under the supervision of parents, children swim in the mini-pool. Visitors up to 3 years old must wear diapers for swimming. Inflatable circles are provided for those who learn to swim.

Depth of pool: 1 m

Temperature: 27 °C

Children's terrace with pool and water slides

The children’s recreation area is a favorite recreation area. There is a children’s pool with water slides, geysers and fountains. There is a pool bar during the day, where you can buy soft drinks and ice cream. In the evening, the Pool Bar hosts children’s discos, workshops and cartoons.

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