Bear trail, Yaremche

Barefoot route in the Carpathians

We offer you to fully enjoy the beauty of the local nature and finally forget about the asphalt routine on the Bear Trail. This is the only barefoot route in the Carpathian National Nature Park, which became a joint project of the complex and the reserve.

Unique texture of barefoot trail

You can feel all the textures of the Carpathian region with your bare feet: soft sand, pebbles, sawdust and pine needles, moss, cones and clay will give you an unforgettable adventure. Visitors will overcome a drawbridge, a path lined with stumps, look for a way out of the maze and try to keep their balance on the trunk and ladder.

The route does not involve excessive physical activity and is suitable for supporting and stimulating the muscles of children and adults. The unique walk barefoot relieves fatigue, stimulates blood circulation and improves well-being.

Secrets of the forest

This is where you can spend time with the whole family. The Bear Trail is an interesting walking tour for children and an equally exciting adventure for adults. In addition to the unique natural therapy, adults and children will learn the secrets of the forest: the leaders of the Bear Trail will share legends about Chugaysters and forest moths, tell about the locals, plants and mushrooms.

International experience

The idea of ​​the Bear Trail has long been supported in Europe, where city dwellers are looking for ways to get closer to the natural environment and are interested in reflexology. So, when thinking about where to go in Yaremche, do not forget about the Bear Trail. Get new experiences and impressions with us!