Bear’s Trail

Barefoot Route In the Carpathians

We are offering the Bear’s Trail for you to finally forget about the pavement routine and enjoy the beauty of local nature to the fullest. This is the only barefoot route on the whole Carpathian National Park territory, which has become a shared project of the complex and the national park.

Natural Surface Trail

You have the opportunity to feel the natural surfaces of the Carpathian region with your bare feet: soft sand, pebbles, sawdust and fir-needle, moss, cones, and clay will give you an unforgettable adventure. Visitors will walk on the moving bridge, the trail covered with stumps, will look for a way out of the labyrinth and try to keep balance on a tree trunk.

The route does not involve excessive physical activity and is suitable for muscles maintenance and stimulation. A unique barefoot walk eliminates fatigue, stimulates blood circulation and improves health.

The Legends of the Forest

This is where you can spend time with the whole family. In addition to unique natural therapies, adults and children can learn the secrets of the forest: the Bear’s Trail guides will tell you the legends about Chuhaisters and forest Mavka, local people, plants and mushrooms.

The Way To Get Closer To Nature

The idea of the Bear’s Trail has been supported in Europe for a long time, where urban dwellers are looking for ways to become closer to the natural environment and are interested in reflexology. Get new experience and impressions!