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Ми приймаємо гостей за наявності зеленого сертифікату про вакцинацію або негативний ПЛР-тест

Information for our Guests

Accommodation Policy

Please, read our policy of accommodation and stay at the complex property. Compliance with the rules is a priceless contribution of our guests to creating a harmonious atmosphere.

Check-in & Check-out Policy

1. Check-in time — after 13:00.

2. Check-out time — before 11:00.

3. Visiting hours for non-resident guests: from 9:00 to 23:00. You need to agree your visit with the hotel administrator.

4. Check-in takes place after making full payment for the entire period of stay at the hotel. Accommodation is free of charge for kids under 5 years old (staying with adults) if no extra bed is required in the room.

5. A personal ID document is required for room access.

6. Find out about your parking space at the administration staff during check-in.

7. Please, inform the hotel administration about any malfunctioning of the equipment, electrical grid, heat and water supply systems.

8. Сheck the safety box and leave it open before check-out.

9. Be sure to return the key to the administrator when checking out.

10. The hotel administration reserves the right to check the room when the guests are checking out.

Stay At the Complex

1. The complex premises are monitored by video surveillance (except rooms and bathrooms).

2. Keep your valuables and documents in the safety box in your room. The administration is not responsible for the loss or damage to any personal belongings left unattended.

3. Please do not leave children under the age of 16 unattended on the premises of the complex.

4. Please help us keep rooms, the complex and its premises clean. Room cleaning is done every three days or upon request (hang “Please, clean the room” sign on the door to request room cleaning).

5. Please treat other residents of the hotel with respect. Please, reduce the volume of the TV, avoid loud talk and noise between 22:00 and 07:00.

6. Please be sure to turn off the water taps, light, air conditioning, and other electrical appliances every time you leave the room.

7. Please treat the property equipment and premises with respect. Any damage or theft of the property or equipment must be reimbursed in accordance with the price list provided by the administration.

In Case of Emergency

1. Follow fire safety rules. In case of fire alarm, you need to keep calm and leave the room, guided by the evacuation plan.

2. If the light is suddenly off on the complex territory, use the flashlight provided in each room.

Reasons For Rejection Or Termination of Accommodation

1. The accommodation is terminated when the paid period of stay is over.

2. The administration of the hotel reserves the right to refuse in providing accommodation or terminate it if the guest repeatedly violates the rules of staying at the hotel or its premises, which leads to property damage or creates inconveniences for the comfortable stay of other residents.

3. We also refuse to provide services to guests who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

It is forbidden to

1. Hand over the room keys to third parties or non-residents of the hotel.

2. Keep any kind of animals, birds, reptiles, and etc in the room

3. Keep inflammable things, explosives, toxic materials, drugs, mercury, and weapons.

4. Use electrical appliances in the room (other than authorized).

5. Move the furniture without the administration’s permission.

6. Smoke in the room, hall, complex premises and non-smoking places.

7. Act aggressively in a way that threatens the safety, health or property of others

8. Bring or eat watermelons, melons, fish, meat, smoked meat in the room, as well as other products that can damage the property of the complex.

9. Dry ski gear and clothing on the radiator in the room.

10. Dry mushrooms, berries, and fruits in the room.

11. Use pyrotechnic equipment and Bengal lights in the room or on premises of the complex without the administration’s permission.